Feb 20, 2012

Fred Herzog - Museum für Photographie - Braunschweig, DE


Who woulda thunk that there would be a photography exhibition featuring a German/Canadian's work here in little ol' Braunschweig? Team Canada, woo! In the midst of my current state of anxiety trying to find work as someone who doesn't speak German fluently (yet), this exhibition was like a ray of light shining in on one of my recent cloudier days.

Until 18 März 2012, Fred Herzog's work is currently on display at the Museum für Photographie. Outside the Museum, Herzog's Man with Bandage photo is blown up and printed on a large-scale canvas. Is it just me, or do the bare branches and the grey houses surrounding the photo in its bleak outdoor environment change the whole meaning of it? Photo of a photo, you already know though.

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